At Parkway Village we know deciding on a senior living community is a big decision. Many factors must be considered when deciding where to live post retirement, a few being:

  • Will I or my loved one enjoy living in a new place?
  • Can I or my loved one afford the new arrangement?
  • Will I or my loved one have access to everything needed?
  • What will happen as I or my loved one gets older?

A continuing care retirement community such as Parkway Village is designed to provide for the needs of an adult 55+ now and in the future. No matter the level of care needed, it can be provided, all in one location.

And the cost is surprisingly affordable compared to the expense of owning and maintaining a home and paying for home caregiving services as you need them.

The Village Independent Living

Just as we offer options in independent living homes, we also offer options in pricing.

  • Standard contract with refundable entry fee and a monthly fee. This contract offers the lowest monthly fee. When you move out of independent living, the entry fee is refunded on a prorated basis from 70% to 85%.
  • Nonrefundable entry fee and a monthly fee. This contract offers a significantly lower entry fee and slightly higher monthly fee.
  • No entry fee and one-year lease. This contract does not require an entry fee. The resident signs a one-year lease, pays a nonrefundable refurbishing fee equal to one month’s rent, and pays a higher monthly fee.
  • Sandalwood Court, Redwood Terrace, and Lemonwood Court only: A rental option is available. No lease is required; a nonrefundable deposit/refurbishing fee equal to one month’s rent is required.
  • Additional charges for double occupancy apply.
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Parkway Heights Assisted Living

A one-time application fee applies. Monthly charges vary according to the size of the apartment home and whether it is single or double occupancy.

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Parkway Health Center Nursing Care

There is no entry or application fee. Monthly charges vary according to whether the room is private or semi-private.

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The Ginny and Bob Shell Alzheimer’s Center

A one-time application fee applies. Following admittance, residents pay a monthly charge.

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Senior Living Community Cost Comparison

Comparing your current living expenses to living at Parkway Village can help you decide whether this is the place for you. In calculating your own living expenses, include the following:

  • Rent or mortgage and POA dues
  • Property taxes
  • Home structural insurance
  • 24-hour security monitoring
  • Utilities (gas, electric, water/sewer)
  • Trash pickup
  • Lawn service
  • Home maintenance/repairs (inside and outside)
  • Health club or fitness dues
  • Housekeeping fees
  • Transportation cost
  • Food cost
  • Home caregiving cost

The following worksheets can also help you compare the cost of living at Parkway Village to living in your own home. Choose the worksheet for the level of care you are considering and identify your own costs as shown. Then come visit Parkway Village, take a tour, and see how we compare!

Independent Living Cost Comparison Worksheet Assisted Living Cost Comparison Worksheet

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